An Interesting Debate within the Military

In an article titled “At an Army School for Officers, Blunt Talk About Iraq,” which was published today in the New York Times (, Elisabeth Bumiller highlights an open debate currently going on within the US military at Fort Leavenworth, the intellectual center of gravity for the Army, about the Iraq War.  There are three main questions being asked.  The first is: Who is responsible for the major mistakes of the war—the civilian leadership, senior military officers or both?  The second is: When, if ever, should active duty military officers publicly criticize civilian leaders about war planning and war conduct.  The third is: Should the war have been fought?


In the article, the main arguments dealing with the first and second questions are fleshed out fairly well.  However, the third question is only dealt with briefly when Bumiller notes that many officers would not or could not answer it.  Surely, there have been heated discussions about that topic, and it is surprising that they were not covered.  Overall, the piece is interesting and worth reading.



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