Iranians Not Offended By McCain’s Joke

During a campaign stop last year, presidential candidate John McCain changed the title of the Beach Boys’ song “Barbara Ann” and made it “Bomb Iran,” singing “Bomb, bomb, bomb…bomb, bomb Iran.” 


McCain meant it as a joke but his political opponents have attacked him for it. 


Apparently the Iranians can take a joke better than some Americans. 


According to the Associated Press, earlier today Iran’s parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani said “We don’t have any objection to them singing a song.”  Then he warned the US not to bomb Iran by saying “We are confident that if they make that mistake they will be awakened from their sleep and they will face a nightmare.”


I am amused and somewhat surprised that the Iranian government has not made a big deal out of McCain’s comments given that the US has been a proverbial punching bag for the regime since the 1979 revolution in Iran brought Islamists into power. 


I did find Larijani’s metaphor odd and non-sensical though.  Shouldn’t he have simply said “We are confident that if they make that mistake they will face a nightmare”?  Would the US be bombing Iran while asleep?  Perhaps it was a bad translation.


As an aside, I wonder who the Iranians are rooting for in the election.


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