NATO Shares the Load in Afghanistan

To date, 112 Canadians have been killed in Afghanistan since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001.  In fact, Canada has suffered the highest fatality rate of any of the 42 nations participating in the coalition effort, including the US.  The British have borne a heavy load as well, having lost 149 soldiers since the conflict began; the highest death toll of any non-American NATO member. 



The war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is a major multinational effort, unlike the war in Iraq during which the US has provided 90 percent of the coalition troops.  Since 2001, 662 US troops have died in Afghanistan compared with 435 troops from other allied countries; thus, America’s partners have sustained 40 percent of the losses in that theater of conflict.  These statistics demonstrate that Operation Enduring Freedom is truly a NATO mission, especially since 2006 when the International Security Assistance was redeployed to southern Afghanistan where the heaviest fighting has occurred. 



Hopefully, the alliance with send more troops to combat the escalating Taliban insurgency and provide further evidence that NATO can deal with international security threats outside of Europe.


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