Southern Baptist Leaders Warn about Climate Change

Recently, 44 Southern Baptist leaders signed a document called “A Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change.”  The initiative calls for my action, both on a personal and governmental level, to combat global warming.  This was a change from the Southern Baptist Convention’s 2007 resolution that was skeptical about the concept.


Many religious leaders have become vocal supporters of efforts to protect the environment and deal with global warming.  The Roman Catholic Church, the largest religious denomination in the US, and traditional Protestant groups have made declarations about the importance of the issue.  The Southern Baptist Church is the second largest denomination in America and has 16 million members.


Perhaps the increasing level of support for proactive government policies to deal with the climate problems that scientists and national security analysts have been warning about will spur political leaders to pass legislation and impose regulations that will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and promote the development and use of alternative forms of energy.  Evangelical Christians are part of the base of the Republican Party, so the support of this important political demographic might encourage Republican politicians, who have been more skeptical of global warming and government efforts to confront it than their Democratic counterparts, to support more policies aimed at protecting the environment.


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