North Korea Rejects US Food Aid

The North Korean government recently announced that it would no longer accept food aid from the US, and five American groups distributing the aid were expelled from the country.  The North Koreans did not explain why they rejected the humanitarian assistance.  South Korean Unification Minister Hyun In-taek believes it is a response to international opposition to North Korea’s announcement that it will test a long-range rocket in April. 



Since the mid 1990s, when an estimated 2 million people died of hunger and malnutrition because of bad government policies and natural disasters, North Korea has received foreign food shipments to make up for chronic shortages.  The US recently donated 169, 000 metric tons of food and another 400,000 metric tons were scheduled to be delivered.  There is grave concern about an impending crisis.  Of the 23 million people living in North Korea, 9 million are heavily reliant on donated food.  Most of the vulnerable are children, the elderly and pregnant and nursing women. 



On an editorial note, Kim Jong-Il is clearly one of the most evil people in the world.  The ridiculous way he dresses and the crazy way he acts is reminiscent of a Bond villain.  The only thing missing is a Siamese cat and a secret lair, both of which me might already have.  The only thing that makes him different from a cartoon bad guy is the fact that he has millions of real human beings under his thumb.


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