Fisherman Catches Missile

Recently, an American fisherman caught an air-to-air guided missile while fishing in the Gulf of Mexico near an area where the US military conducts training and testing.  The fisherman believed that the missile had already gone off and was therefore benign, but was later informed by the US Air Force that it was a live weapon after he reported his find to a local fire chief.

The presence of active weapons under the sea could be a major security disaster if they fell into the hands of terrorists.  There are at least two atomic bombs that were lost in the ocean during the Cold War.  One is a hydrogen bomb buried off the coast of Georgia that would destroy the nearby city of Savannah if it detonated by accident; US officials have never been able to locate it since it disappeared in the 1960s, nor have private search parties.  Another Bomb is somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 

Hopefully all lost weapons will either be found and defused by the American military or will never be found at all.   But if they are found by civilians one hopes that they will report their discoveries to American authorities and not handle the deadly devices themselves.  If terrorists find them the world will probably not know about it until they are used in an attack, which makes retrieving those that can be retrieved an urgent task.


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