Send iPhones, Guns and Money

The New York Times recently posted a fascinating blog by Roy Furchgott on its website in which he details how Raytheon is adapting the iPhone for military purposes.  The application could help soldiers track friends and foes, communicate with other units and map the battlefield.

This development serves military plans to achieve greater situational awareness during combat operations.  However, the fog of war will inevitably limit the usefulness of the device, and it carries with it the threat that America’s enemies will be able to interept communications and information from the iPhones much like insurgents in Iraq intercepted video images broadcast by Predator drones.  Other technical issues must be overcome before the iPhones could be used effectively, such as low battery capacity and the inability to use multiple functions at the same time.

Whether Raytheon’s new piece of technology will significantly change the way that wars are fought is uncertain.  But at least soldiers can listen to “Flight of the Valkyries” while conducting assaults against enemy positions.


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