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Hezbollah Sex

December 3, 2009

Hezbollah is interesting as far as militant groups go because it has so many facets.  It is a terrorist organization (having directed rocket attacks against Israeli civilians), a military force (with a sophisticated command structure and an ability to conduct conventional operations),  a political party (with seats in Lebanon’s parliament), a government administration (it delivers basic services such as garbage collection and education to residents in areas under its control) , a media conglomerate (it owns television and radio stations, newspapers and a website) and an ideological movement (it has strong ties and shares similar religious beliefs with Iranian clerics, who are also Shiite Muslims). 

And now Hezbollah has apparently expanded its domain to include facilitating sex.  In a fascinating article for Foreign Policy magazine called “The Militarization of Sex,” Hanin Ghaddar explains how Hezbollah promotes “malaa,” which are temporary marriages that enable men and women who are essentially single to have sex without violating Shiite religious laws.  Hezbollah does this to maintain and increase its popular support, which it needs for political and military purposes, hence the phrase “The militarization of sex.”